Did you know this about online casinos?
Gambling Articles
Did you know this about online casinos?
The future of online casinos and gambling
Gambling Articles
The future of online casinos and gambling
Michigan to legalize online gambling?
Gambling News
Michigan to legalize online gambling?
The histroy of gambling
Gambling Articles
The history of gambling

Latest gambling news

Michigan to legalize online gambling?

Michigan to legalize online gambling?

The histroy of gambling

The history of gambling

The future of online casinos and gambling

The future of online casinos and gambling

Did you know this about online casinos?

Did you know this about online casinos?

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The Best Online Casinos

Online casinos are, like brick and mortar casinos, establishments where you can play casino games. The casinos that operate online, have much more features and fun games than their brick and mortar counterpart, and we want to tell you all about them. In this part, we take on online casinos in general and let you know what you should think about, when you decide to play at one of the many great casinos online.

The casinos online are today very popular, and their almost explosive growth has probably made you, as a customer, a bit more vary about where you deposit your money and play. The differences between many of the casinos online, can be huge and that´s why we really think we should help you make a good choice. The biggest differences you can find between casinos today, are when it comes down to game providers, bonuses, offers, payment solutions and the quality of customer support.

The few important factors we mentioned above, are of course important to keep in mind, but there are also other things you might want to think about, before you make your first deposit at one of the casinos you find on the internet. Generally speaking, people seem to think that online casinos only have the same old casino games that just keep spinning and spinning game after game. This could not be further from the truth and todays fierce competition in the field, has brought out some very welcome innovation and new products for us all to try out and have fun with. One of the more recent but still big innovations we have seen in the world of online casinos, has been the coming of 3D casino games. These games bring a new sense of excitement to the table and we must say, it has been a blast playing these.

Another area in which we have seen massive improvements lately, is when it comes to withdrawing and depositing money. A majority of the great casinos online, nowadays offer extremely fast deposits and withdrawals and some of the casinos even offer real time money transfers. This means, if you happen to win, you could have your winnings in your account in a matter of minutes.

The game selection at online casinos is very wide

Most of the casinos online, just like the traditional brick and mortar casinos, offer a very wide selection of games for their customers to choose from. There is however a very good reason we prefer the online casinos over the more traditional casinos. The absolutely massive amount of games and events we can play and bet on. The brick and mortar casinos just can´t offer the same amount of games as a casino on the internet. The first issue is obviously the space factor. There is only so much you can fit in a room or a building. Online we will never have this problem. And an online casino can cater to every type of player, regardless of the level of stake or what games they prefer. At most casinos on the internet, you can play games like:

  • Videoslots and classic slots
  • Table games like Roulette and Black Jack
  • Live casino games
  • Scratch cards
  • Skill based games
  • Online sports betting
  • Online poker

Begin your online casino journey here

Even if the casinos on the internet offer a very wide selection of casino games online, it can be very difficult for beginners, to find what game or games they like to play. We want to help you out on your journey and make your playing experience online the best one possible.

If you are a complete beginner to the world of casinos, the easiest games to start out with, are the casinos slots. These games demand almost no skill and are great for the player who wants to gamble a bit, but does not necessarily yet have all the skill needed in order to play games like Black Jack online. Basically all it takes, is to choose a casino, make a deposit, choose a game and then let the game start. The second easiest games to play at online casinos are scratch cards. You just buy a scratch card and scratch away. The great thing about these games is, even if they are easy to play, the jack pots are massive and even a complete beginner could potentially win millions of euros.

If you happen to be a player with a bit more experience under your belt, we really recommend some more demanding games like table games. An overwhelming majority of players who play table games play table games at the Live Casino. At a Live Casino, the player plays against an actual croupier/dealer, on an actual table over a camera feed. It does not get more exciting than this.

In general, casino games are not that difficult to learn and it is not too demanding for an aspiring player to start playing. If you have any doubts or questions about different casino games, it is a good idea to star out by reading on of our many guides.

To play at an online casino

As stated, it is extremely popular nowadays, to play at online casinos. And there seems to be no end in sight for the growth of gambling online. It is very easy to start playing in today’s day and age and basically all you need, is a casino that will fit all of your needs. Bellow here we will list a few important points to keep in mind.

  • The trustworthiness of the online casino
  • What kind of casino bonuses they offer
  • Good enough customer support
  • What games and providers are offered
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals
  • The personality and features

How to find the right casino for you?

It is not always easy to choose a casino online to play at and we know this and want to help you make good choices. We did already mention a few points that are usually good to keep in the back head before you find your way to one of the great casinos on the market. We are a big and trusted casino portal and we are here to educate you about all aspects of online gambling.

We have gathered all the best online casinos in one big list for you, so that you can make all the right choices. We have also written in depth reviews about every single casino on the market at the moment to help you find exactly the features, bonuses and offers you want.

Online casinos in the future

Even if the online casino industry seems to be on the fore front of innovation when it comes to games and payment solutions and we have seen amazing growth in the industry as a whole, there seem to be no end in sight for the ongoing progress. Casinos were one of the first out there to try and incorporate virtual reality solutions in to online gambling and it seems the online gambling operators are always the first ones to try out new payment methods and other technical innovations.

Gaming and gambling will no doubt be more and more social in the future and we will see more integrations between different social media platforms and operators. We have already seen this today with many operators trying on their own gamification and social gaming solutions.

We also believe that the Live Casino concept will be further developed and it will become even a bigger favorite amongst the more demanding gamblers and social players.

Summary about gambling online

Gambling online as compared to gambling in a live environment at casinos or other establishments, offer many advantages. The running costs of a casino online are massively cheaper than the running costs of a brick and mortar casino, and hence you get much higher returns on the money you put in at an online casino. In many games, the difference is so huge, it´s mind blowing. Many slots can offer up to 20% bigger return percentages than the equivalent games at brick and mortar casinos. On the other hand, we do also understand, that the traditional casino is a social experience more than anything else, and we really like both worlds.

You do not need thousands of euros to be able to play at online casinos. At online casinos you can play with extremely low stakes. Some games have minimum stakes as low as 1 cent, a player can enjoy gambling without any huge risks involved.