The future of online casinos and gambling

The future of online casinos and gamblingThe future of online casinos and gambling will no doubt bring us a massive amount of new innovations and exciting products on a regular basis. The online betting companies, casinos and operators, have always been among the first ones to try new technology, solutions and products, and this is probably one of the reasons they have been so extremely successful.

Technology and innovation in gambling

We have already been playing 3D slots online for a while and this is most likely only a fraction of all the exciting things we will get to experience in the upcoming years. All innovation is not directly related to the games themselves either. We have seen new more efficient and safe payment solutions, completely new betting concepts and pretty much anything we can imagine. We really hope 3D technology will be the next big thing for us, since we think it could be amazing sitting down at a live casino and feel more engaged in what is happening around us. Very soon, we will find 3D-glasses in the majority of homes, and casinos online will probably be the first ones to completely incorporate the technology in to their products.

Online gambling and virtual reality

Virtual reality glasses and technology is in no way a new thing, and first really mainstream products were introduced in the beginning of 2015. Back then the prices were sky high, and for the majority of households, the prices were too high to justify the buy. The prices have since then come down a long long way, and today they are already a mainstream product. We have even seen some deals, where you can get the cheapest ones as a bonus, when buying a new smart phone.

Putting a virtual reality headset on your head while playing at a casino on the internet, could be a game changer. We could feel as if we were at a glamorous Las Vegas resort, gambling away with the rich and the beautiful, while we in fact sit on our porch drinking coffee in the sun. When we add the possibility to interact with other players at the casino, we are really having a fantastic product on our hands.

We think the virtual reality concept would work perfectly for playing table games like Roulette and Blackjack online. We have already come a long way towards this with Live Casinos, offering a live feed of the actual game being dealt and played on a real casino table.

New features for online slots

Virtual reality is probably the biggest change we will see in the near future. We will also see a lot more features being implemented for different casino games like online slots. This in combination with virtual reality, and we could possibly have some really crazy and innovative games to play in the future. We will probably see more and more games with more skill involved, and this could be a refreshing thing after the (alleged) death of online poker. Especially younger people, really like competing against each other and they also already play a lot of other games that are completely skill based. When we introduce wagers and bets in to the same realm, we could be in for a lot of fun.


As we have seen an exponential upwards curve in casino games in the last 15-20 years, we have no doubt in our minds we are anywhere near to the top. We hope casino operators will bring back more skill elements in to the games. For now, we still like playing at Live Casinos, so we are not in a hurry. But one can hope can he not?

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