Did you know this about online casinos?

Did you know this about online casinos?Online casinos and playing at them, is for many of us already a familiar concept. Gambling in general and playing casino games is already a popular time passer and many players are already playing slots and table games a lot at online casinos. There are many things though, that is usually not told to us players. Normally, a player selects a nice looking online casino, deposits some money, chooses a game and gambles away. There is obviously nothing wrong with this and playing and gambling can be a fun way to get some excitement and action to balance our professional lives.

In this article, I want to go a bit deeper in to what is involved when gambling at online casinos and maybe bring up some things most of us might not always think about. Every player has got his or her own view of what actually happens at an online casino behind the curtains. I really want to get in there and see how online casinos are set up and whether we are are safe as we are led to believe when we deposit money at our favourite online casinos.

Did you know, that most online casinos are licensed and very closely monitored?

Nettikasinot ovat todella tarkasti valvottujaDid you know, that the operations of online casinos and betting companies are monitored very closely and are bound by some very strict laws and statues? Most of the European casinos for example, have their headquarters on the beautiful island of Malta, and are licensed under the Maltese Gaming Authority, MGA for short. Malta is a great place for many online casinos because they offer a license and also it´s an international hub of sorts. There is a lot of businesses in Malta from all over the world.

Even if Malta is a very popular place to have your gambling operations headquarters at, their operations are more closely monitored than in many other jurisdictions in the world. There are several licensing bodies at the moment, who make sure that the games and the business between the players and casinos, is conducted in a fair manner. The laws are there to protect the players from abuse and unfair play. Operators who get caught for unfair play, get very heavy sanctions, and this is in my opinion a very good thing for us players.

Some of the most popular gaming companies that are based on the Mediterranean island of Malta, are FastBet, Casumo and Cherry Casino. If you want to check some of these casinos out and maybe play at them, we highly recommend them.

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Did you know, casinos don´t need to rig the games?

Casinos dont need to rig the gamesMany players, especially people who are slightly new to the world of online gambling, might think that the casinos are cheating their players. This is in reality not at all true. Of course there are always a few rotten eggs, but this is the case in any industry out there unfortunately. There will always be, a few casinos who act unfairly towards players, but they are very few and usually don´t last very long due to heavy regulation and players outing the bad ones as soon as they can.

The RTP (Return to Player) at online casinos, are usually around 90-98%, so in the long run, the casino will always make a profit. This means, there is absolutely no good reason for casinos to implement unfair play towards their customers.

So we have some to the point where we can safely say, online gambling is safe and fair as long as the player does a little bit of research as to where he or she is depositing and playing. We are obviously very experienced in the field of online gambling, and we do offer a selection of great online casinos where you can play and be sure the games are 100% fair.

Did you know, that you can win at online casinos?

You can win at online casino gamesMany conservative people like to throw out things like “The online casinos only steal your money and it is impossible to ever win”. Well this is again a myth, and nothing could be further from the truth. The sole reason casinos exist and have a customer base, is because players are winning, every day. Of course you do not win every day or every session. This is how gambling works. We play at stakes comfortable to us, and occasionally you hit some big wins. Some very lucky players have won millions playing slot games online. Of course this almost as rare as winning the lottery. But what I´m are saying is, gambling is both winning and losing.  For example, in progressive jackpot games, the wins come more infrequently, so that the big wins can be even bigger.

The biggest win recorded at an online casino slot up to date, was a bit over €17.000.000.

Did you know, withdrawals are extremely fast now days?

So from what I´ve read and heard from people who do not play at online casinos, people seem to be under the impression that casinos would withhold player winnings for as long as possible. Again, this is not true. In the beginning when online casinos started to pop up, this might have been true, but this was due to the payment solutions of the time being slow, not the casinos themselves. Casinos themselves obviously want to keep their customers happy, by providing the fastest possible means of both depositing and withdrawing money from your player account. Today most online casinos use very fast payment methods like Skrill, Neteller and Trustly, and in many cases you will see your money transferred from your player account to your Skrill or Neteller account in a matter of minutes.

I hope this article has cleared up some common misconceptions about casinos and the online gambling world. Many people tend to find faults anywhere else than in themselves, when in fact, most problems between casinos and players usually occur when a player has broken a set of very clear rules, terms or conditions. Always read the terms and conditions!