Michigan to legalize online gambling?

Michigan to legalize online gambling?We all know gambling online in any of the US states is a bit problematic and no one seems to know exactly where we stand. Many states are at least looking in to legalising and regulating online gambling, but on a federal level, things are not looking good at all. Some states are trying to push this forwards though, and Michigan is one of the latest states looking in to regulating and licensing online gambling in hopes of tax revenues. Many people want to play casino games online, instead of visiting brick and mortar casinos, so it is difficult to see, why this is getting so much opposition.

The bills are already headed for the full senate, and in their current form, they would grant permission for the current licensed brick and mortar casino owners, Detroit and Tribal, to run online gambling operations in the state.

Opinions on the matter are many and there is both strong support as well as strong opposition for the bills. The loudest opponents name factors such as children will have access to online gambling from their cell phones and computers and supporters are saying online gambling already exists in the online world and the people do already gamble, so why not regulate and tax it? Well yes this is true and many of us who live in Europe, where many EU-states have a regulated and/or licensed market, know that the level of security and checks on player accounts is high enough to keep children from ever even opening an account.

It´s a shame really, that online gambling has come under so much scrutiny, and the most common reason that seem to be floating around when this subject comes up, is the “but what about the children”-line. The online casinos I frequent, have incredible security and I really doubt that children playing casino games, is such a big of an issue, the opposition would want you to believe.

I will keep following up on what is happening in the US online gambling scene, and keep you updated.