Casino Games Online

Playing casino games online can be great funCasino games online can be found at online casinos all over the web. Casino games is a selection of games you can play and gamble on for money. These games include such varying games as online slots, table games, scratch cards, keno, lotto, online poker and sports betting. You can obviously also play casino games at traditional brick and mortar casinos, but we at, concentrate on the casino games that are played online.

On this page we go through the fundamentals of the most common casino games and give you an insight on what kind of games are out there in the first place. In addition to general informative summaries of the different kind of games, we will also present to you the best casino games that we feel you should at least try playing. We hope all the information we share can help you find better games to play, or maybe even find a new favourite game among all the exiting different games the online casinos have to offer today.

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Best Casino Games Online

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Casino Games Online

Slot machines, table games and other casino games online, bring many people some excitement and the occasional big win on slow relaxing nights at home. Today we can enjoy most of our favourite casino games on our computers and mobile devices at online casinos.

It is not so long ago, when we still had to visit brick and mortar casinos, often miles away, to get to play a bit of Black Jack or Roulette. But after the first online casinos opened their doors to customers, a big chunk of the gambling today, has found a new home. The playing and gambling itself, has just become easier, more convenient and even more profitable in many cases.

When we play online, not only is the game selection usually much much better, but so is the RTP (Return to Player). At many online casinos we can play slots with an RTP of 94-98% on average. The RTPs at most traditional casinos do not even come close to this. Online casinos also seem to be more willing to try new ideas and to develop new types of games, than their brick and mortar counterpart. This is also one of the reasons we spend more time gambling online than at casinos.

Types of Casino Games

We will now go through most of the more common games you will most probably find at many of the newer online casinos. We have categorized the games, and at the end of every category, we have added a game, we think is worth to try.


Playing slots onlineSlots are casino games that resemble the classic one armed bandit. We have all seen them in every single movie that ever had a scene in Las Vegas. They usually consist of a few buttons and some spinning wheels. They are extremely easy to play, and they demand literally no prior experience in gambling. Almost nothing the player does, can change the outcome of a played round. This might sound like something on the opposite side of exciting, but it is quite not so. Oh boy are they fun! The slot games can, with a a lot of luck, pay out quite big wins even when playing with small stakes.

The slots online usually have about 10-30 lines, 3-5 reels and all of them packed with different features and interesting bonus rounds. The fun thing about slots is, you can play for stakes worth only a few cents, or you can play for hundreds of euros. This is why slots can be fun for both someone who is new to gambling online, as well as some more experienced gambler who wants to have a bit of fun.

“Aloha! Cluster Pays” is an example of a fun slot to play. Try it here:

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Table games

Table games are so much funTable games are probably the second most popular games people play at online casinos, just behind slots. Games such as Roulette, Black Jack, Baccarat and Three card poker, are all considered table games, and can be played online both in traditional animated games, as well as at Live Casino-tables.

These games do not only provide the gambler with a fantastic playing experience, but they can also be quite profitable for an experienced player. With optimal play in games like Black Jack, we can reach a very high RTP.

Of course it takes time to learn and to implement optimal play, but it´s also a fun learning opportunity and kind of a challenge, especially if you have been playing slots or some of the simpler games for a while.

Black Jack is an example of a fun table game and you can try playing here:

Scratch cards

Scratch cards - a quick gameScratch cards are probably nothing new for most of us and we have all seen them both in shops and online. They can sometimes be fun, even if they offer a short span of excitement. But even we sometimes end up buying a scratch card in shops and even at charity events and similar places.

Scratch cards have been around for a long time and they still are popular amongst many people. It is a very easy “game” to play, so we do see how they can still be popular in 2017.

You can try some fun scratch cards here:


Keno, is one of the classic games as well, and it is still a popular time passer today. In Keno, you chose a selection of numbers, and if they are drawn, you win. Sounds easy. And it is. The RTP in most Keno games is quite low though, so the player needs to remind him or herself, that Keno is a game of fun, where the occasional player will hit it really big.

You can enjoy playing Keno at most online casinos now days and the draw is usually very quick. You do not need to wait for the draw to take place on telly later the same evening or something similar.

We suggest you try playing Keno here:


Lotto is a lottery game, similar to Keno, but usually with massive jackpots. It´s usually very cheap to play and it does not matter how little you wager; you still have a chance to win the jack pot. The RTP again, is very low when compared to other games, but that is the idea. A massive player pool, makes a huge jack pot possible.

We suggest you try EuroMillions. The jack pot regularly reaches tens of millions of euros.

Online Poker

Online poker was hugely popular a few years ago, and even if we have seen a big decline in player pools, it is still very popular. This is one of the few casino games, where you don´t play against the house, but you play against other players. This means, a skilled and experienced player, can reach a positive expected value on his or her investment in the game. The casino only collects rake for every played hand and pot that reaches a certain threshold.

Online poker is great fun and we have all been sitting at some card rings that went on for two days or so. The fun thing about poker is, you can play with stakes ranging from 2 cents to €1000.

Sports betting

Sports betting can be fun and profitableSports betting is usually not considered a casino game, and we do not believe it should be considered a casino game. It does how ever have all the elements of casino games. Only the outcome is not always in favour of the casino. In sports betting you wager on different out comes in public sports events and other events.

Sports betting can be a lot of fun, because you can spice up the next match of your favourite team by wagering a little on the side, or you can actually try your luck at trying to beat the odds. Sports betting along with poker, are some of the few “games”, where the player can actually have a positive expected return.

Try one of the sports books we recommend here:

Try casino games for free

The whole idea of gambling is obviously to wager your own money against the odds, try to beat the odds, and win more than you wagered. And many people already gamble online for real money. You can however also try many of the games for free. Many casinos online offer some kind of free opportunities, especially for new players. Many casinos offer free spins to some of their online slots or even free bets in their sports book. It´s always a good idea to redeem these offers and try out new casinos and games before you invest your own money in to them.

Casino games summary

Playing casino games both offline at casinos and at online casinos is now more popular than ever, and it seems to be a growing trend. Many play together with their friends and it is even becoming more of a social thing in many circles. The fun thing is, if you play casino games for fun with your friends, and play for only a few cents, you can still end up being lucky and end up hitting some big wins.