Play Roulette Online

Play roulette online

Roulette is one of those legendary casino games.

Why should I play roulette online?

Roulette is an iconic casino game that’s popular both online and offline. Roulette game has a distinct table and wheel set up that makes it unique to other casino games.

Why should you be playing roulette?

  • The game is popular
  • It is easy to play the game
  • You are sure of big payouts
  • You will always get value for your stake

The excitement you get when playing roulette cannot be compared to anything else. You will experience the best emotional feeling when the ball is in motion on the roulette wheel. This is an experience that one can hardly replicate in any other game at the casino.

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It is possible to choose your odds in Roulette

Apart from the excitement and thrill attributed to roulette. You have the ability to choose your odds on the game. When you choose your odds; this means that you have the chance of winning larger amounts of money when lucky.

Other casino games get you stuck in odds of 1:1. This means that you can only double your bet on your individual wagers. When playing roulette, you have the chance to move your odds from 1:1 to 35:1. With such an odd, it means that you can convert a stake of $10 to $350.

Isn’t this enough to get you in the mood of playing roulette right now?

Benefits of playing roulette online

  • You can play roulette from your desktop computer or mobile devices and this brings convenience
  • There are a range of roulette versions
  • You have a wide array of limits
  • Free play is available for roulette

Accessing a roulette game from conveniently from your mobile device or computer has made things easy for you to play when you need to. Play the game from your bedroom, office, study room or when on a train ride.

Playing when you want and setting your budget will make gambling convenient and manageable for you. You can set a budget of what you are willing to spend and stop playing when you want. When you play at a land based casino, you might be tempted to stay longer or end up spending more than you wanted. In many of the online casinos, it is possible to set limits of how much you’re willing to lose or how much you wish to spend in your gaming activities.

Tips to apply when playing roulette

These tips are to assist you in becoming a better player but it’s no guarantee that odds will be in your favour. These tips will make things more enjoyable and give you better value for your money.

Don’t play American Roulette

When you have the choice between American and European roulette, it would be advisable to go for the European version. American tables have ‘00’ number which is not present in the European Roulette. With the European roulette, you will have better odds of winning at the table.

Enjoy the game and do not expect to always win

Roulette is a game of luck and not skill. The odds will always be in the favour of the house regardless of how you play. Take roulette as a form of entertainment and not as a business.

Don’t buy any systems that might be labelled as “winning systems”

Most of the roulette systems on sale might be convincing and may be said to assist you in winning money from time to time. The only person who will be making money from the system will be the one selling it to you and not the player!

Have limits

It is smart to always have a limit on your spending when it comes to online casino gaming. Bet with money you can only afford to lose. Even when you bag a win, do not go beyond your limit.

After setting your limits, you should choose the right size of your bets. You cannot have a $100 spending limit and have a bet size of $50. This means you will only bet on your roulette game for two times only. Choose a bet that will fit your budget and give you value for your money and time.

Different versions of the roulette game

When online casinos never existed, there were only two variants of roulette games. With the advent of online casinos, times have changed and there are plenty of roulette games. Roulette is one of the oldest casino games and is still loved even during this time when you can access a casino from your mobile or computer devices.

With the new versions of roulette, you will get plenty or promotions, new technologies and additional features. These new features bring about better gaming experiences that are magnified and better developed.

In this section, we will furnish you on the different roulette versions available.

Mini Roulette Game

The mini roulette is a version developed by Playtech and has been developed with one zero and numbers from one to twelve. The roulette has a greater house edge which means that a player needs to spend a lot for them to win big.

European Roulette

This roulette game is popular and has been around for a long time. This is one of the two versions that people have been used to in land based casinos. European roulette has a house edge of 2.7%. The low house edge makes it possible for one to win a good amount without spending a lot of their money.

French Roulette

This is one of the best online roulette games. French roulette is preferred by many players since it has a low house edge of 1.35%. The game has unique playing rules which make it possible for the players to make better profits.

American Roulette

This version is the second of the two variants players are used to. American Roulette is not preferred by many players since it has a high house edge. The game is widely preferred by many players in the United States even though it might not be as profitable.

Progressive Roulette

These kinds of roulette games are not popular with many operators. The ones that are available are expensive due to the rules and regulations that allocate part of the stake to the progressive jackpot attached to the game.

Live Roulette

Live roulette is a popular kind of game nowadays thanks to the establishment of live casino section in most online casino. This roulette type is served by real human dealers.

Multi Wheel Roulette

Multi wheel roulette games are in plenty. The main feature of these roulette games is that you are permitted to bet on each of the wheel. This means that you will be able to stake on multiple roulette tables at the same time. This is evident enough that you will be able to make your chances of winning better.

Systems you can use on Roulette

There are different roulette systems that have been devised to beat the odds. The search for a suitable roulette system still goes on even though they do not work, as well as, we would want them to work.

The Fibonacci System

This system works using the Fibonacci sequence. The sequence is 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, and so on. The sequence is naturally occurring and works by adding the previous two numbers in the sequence. Initially, this sequence was developed to see how fast rabbits bred.

When using the system to play roulette you need to follow along the sequence and determine how much you wager on even money bet. When you lose, you continue on the sequence but when you win, you are required to start on the sequence again.

D’Alembert System

This system is pretty easy. If you’re winning, you should bet less and if you’re losing, you should bet more. The reasoning behind this system is if you win, you are likely not to win on the next bet and it’s the reason you should bet less.

When you lose, you should increase your bet since you have better chances of winning on the next bet.

Martingale System

This system requires you to double your bet after losing to recover the loss you made earlier. When you win, you should go back to your standard bet.

These betting systems may not work, you can use them in managing your bankroll or try them out to see when they workout for you best.